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What to wear on your period

When you’re on your period, comfort is key – both physically and emotionally. And whilst there are plenty of things that can help you enjoy it more, like food, exercise, movie nights or hot water bottles, what you wear can also make a difference.

Keep reading to find out what to wear on your period:

  • Period pants: these are machine washable underwear which absorb period blood without the need for another period product 🙌 You can wash them by hand or in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes. They are a relatively new product which is becoming more and more popular – you can buy period pants in some supermarkets and pharmacies or online

  • Darker tones: this one is all about finding comfort through confidence. If you’re worried your period is heavy and might bleed through, try wearing darker tones 🖤 (like black, navy, brown and red) so even if you did leak a little it wouldn’t be seen

  • Cycling shorts: particularly handy on hot days ☀️ if you’re wearing dresses or skirts, cycling shorts add an extra layer which can give you more support, and help keep your pad in place (if you’re wearing one)

  • Baggy clothes: if you’re experiencing period cramps, baggy clothes let your stomach area ‘breathe’ 😌 You could try things like wide-leg trousers, flowy jumpsuits and midi dresses, and oversized T-shirts

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