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The pros and cons of tampons

A tampon is a small cotton plug which sits inside the vagina to absorb the period blood. To take it out, you pull on the small string attached to it. Tampons are single use and disposable.

There are lots of different types of tampons available to suit different flows. Some tampons come with applicators which may make inserting them easier – more on this linked below. You can buy tampons in most pharmacies, supermarkets and corner shops.

Why do some young people choose to use tampons?

  • More discreet than other period products

  • Comfortable as you shouldn’t be able to feel them once inserted

  • Can be used even when swimming or taking a bath

  • Safe to use even if you have an IUD (also known as ‘The Coil’, a method of contraception)

  • You can sleep with a tampon, but it is vital to change it as soon as you wake up and only use it for a maximum of 8 hours

Why do some young people choose not to use tampons?

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