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The pros and cons of period pants

Period pants are machine washable underwear which absorb period blood without the need for another period product! You can wash them by hand or in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes. They are a relatively new product which is becoming more and more popular - you can buy period pants in some supermarkets, pharmacies or online.

⚡️ So, what’s the hype with period pants then?

  • They are discrete, comfortable, and extremely easy to use – just pop them on as you do like any pair of underwear!

  • Reusable after washing, making them more environmentally friendly than disposable alternatives

  • Come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes - some brands even make period swimwear for use in the pool

  • Can be used anytime even alongside other products to minimise leaks or for the last few days of your period when you may experience some spotting (small amounts of blood)

  • They are a great alternative to wearing tampons at night (remember you should only wear tampons for 8 hours!) and do a great job at preventing leaks on sheets - honestly this one is a huge tick for us!

❌ Why do some young people choose not to use period pants?

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