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Shop spotlight: sleep diffuser starter kit

It's so important to get a proper night's sleep so you can feel motivated and refreshed, especially when dealing with the stresses of exams and revision 💤 So today luna's spotlighting Yankee Candle's sleep diffuser starter kit.

What is it? This diffuser includes specially blended fragrances with lavender, eucalyptus, and cedar wood, known for their calming properties. All you have to do is insert the refill directly into the waterless diffuser and enjoy up to a month of the fragrance.

You can also set the diffuser’s fragrance intensity and duration for two, four, or eight hours – it's up to you what you find most restful 💫

What’s the brand? Fragrances work wonders for well-being, and Candles Direct offer a huge range of these. From scented candles, to diffusers, wax melts and more, you can choose your favourites and settle in to relaxing evenings at home 🏠

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