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Shop spotlight: Drunk Elephant tinted sun cream

If you’ve been reading and watching luna’s skincare content, you know we can’t get enough of SPF! So today we’re spotlighting Drunk Elephant’s tinted sun cream 🧴

What is it? It’s a cruelty-free SPF 30 sun cream with a tint that adds a natural glow to all skin tones ✨

Not only that, but the formula is super gentle which means it works for even the most sensitive of skin types 🙌 You can apply it every morning to your face, neck, chest, and backs of hands to protect yourself from harmful sun rays ☀️

What’s the brand? This is brought to you by LOOKFANTASTIC®, a brand that’s all about delivering beauty products that suit everyone's needs. What to expect? A wide range of hair, makeup and skincare brands and products.

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