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Shop spotlight: Cetaphil's moisturiser with SPF

Today luna’s spotlighting a product from the Shop: Cetaphil’s moisturiser with SPF 🏊

What is it? It’s a lightweight moisturiser that includes SPF50+, to help prevent sun damage. It’s great for all skin types, and is fragrance-free which stops it being too irritating ✨ You can apply it once you’ve cleansed in the morning to your face and neck – and if you’re out swimming, you can re-apply it as the day goes on 🥽

What’s the brand? This is brought to you by Boots! The UK’s leading health and beauty retailer, Boots put their customers in control of their well-being, and aim to unlock the beauty in everyone with a wide range of products. Whether you need something for health, holidays or the everyday, Boots have it covered.

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