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Shop spotlight: CeraVe for dry skin

Skincare routines don’t have to be complicated, especially when you're just starting out 🧴 So luna’s rounded up some products from the Shop that give you an easy AM and PM routine if you have dry skin 🪷

What are they, and when do I use them?

  • To use AM and PM: a hydrating cleanser with hyaluronic acid, which cleans excess dirt and oil from your skin and locks in moisture 💧

  • To use AM: a moisturiser and SPF 50 combined 🙌this hydrates skin and keeps it protected from harmful UV rays

  • To use PM: when the sun goes down, you won’t need to use a moisturiser with SPF in it. So once you’ve used your hydrating cleanser at the end of the day, you can apply this super moisturising cream (again with hyaluronic acid ✨)

What’s the brand? These products are brought to you by LOOKFANTASTIC®, a brand that’s all about delivering beauty products that suit everyone's needs. What to expect? A wide range of hair, makeup and skincare brands and products, at prices to suit everyone.

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