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Shop spotlight: biscoff x salted caramel x sea salt brownies

luna's bringing you the most delicious treat to share with friends: biscoff, salted caramel AND sea salt brownies flavours are finally all together in these vegan brownies 😛

What is it? A box of seriously tasty vegan brownies, with a mix of three of Cake and Death's best-selling flavours: 🤎 Biscoff: lotus biscoff spread and lotus biscuit, caramely, crunchy, and a little spice 🤎 Salted caramel: house-made golden brown caramel, with a sprinkle of Malden sea salt 🤎 Sea salt: secret-recipe intense dark chocolate brownie sprinkled with Maldon Sea Salt

What’s the brand? Founded in 2019, Cake or Death exploded onto the London food scene with an incredibly fudgy, chocolatey brownie that no one could believe was vegan. Now available in 10 different flavours, these brownies are handmade to order and delivered straight to your letterbox.

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