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Shop spotlight: Anastasia Beverly Hills' high-shine lip gloss

For today's Shop spotlight, luna's talking about a fan favourite lip gloss from Anastasia Beverly Hills to wear for any celebrations you have planned 🪩

What is it? A lip gloss with a full-pigment, non-sticky formula, for gloss that won't come off immediately. You can choose between lacquer, metallic and sparkle finishes to suit the look you're after ✨

💛 luna tip: you can either apply the lip gloss straight to your lips for a subtle shine, or add it on top of your favourite lipstick for a more dramatic look 💅

What’s the brand? Anastasia Beverly Hills was founded on Anastasia Soare’s 'Golden Ratio Method' to bring out the face’s balance and harmony. With Anastasia Beverly Hills' huge range of brows, eyes, lip and face products, there's something for everyone.

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