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Sexuality: what it is vs what it's not

What is sexuality? ❤️

Sexuality is an umbrella term often encompassing sexual and romantic attraction. Sexual and romantic attraction can be the same or different. Sexuality is personal and is fluid so can change throughout your life.

What it isn’t? 🙅‍♀️

Sexuality is not the same as gender. Despite both things being personal, they are very different and are often confused. There is another article going into detail about the difference between these if you’d like to learn more, just check out the learn section of the app to find it!

Below are some examples of sexuality labels, there are actually loads of different labels but here are the few most common ones to know:

  • Queer: an umbrella term often encompassing all sexualities and gender identities other than straight/heterosexual and cisgender (when you identify as the same gender as you were assigned at birth)

  • Straight/Heterosexual: somebody who is attracted to a gender different to their own (men attracted to women, and women attracted to men)

  • Lesbian: a term often used for non-men who are primarily attracted to non-men (often women who are attracted to non-binary people or other women, or non-binary people who are attracted to women or other non-binary people)

  • Gay: somebody who is attracted to the same gender as themselves. For example, a man who is primarily attracted to other men. Anyone of any gender can use this term if they feel it suits them. For example, some women who are only attracted to other women may prefer the term gay instead of lesbian – this is personal preference

  • Bisexual: a term used for someone who is attracted to more than one gender – this may be any number from 2 to all genders

  • Pansexual: somebody who is attracted to all genders. They often describe their attraction as being attracted to someone regardless of their gender

  • Asexual: somebody who feels no sexual attraction to others. They can still be involved in sexual activity if they wish, and some may have a desire to form romantic relationships

  • Demisexual: somebody who needs a strong emotional connection to somebody to feel sexual attraction towards them

  • Biromantic: this is someone who feels romantic attraction to more than one gender. This is like bisexuality but about romantic attraction instead of sexual attraction

  • Panromantic: this is a term used to describe someone who feels romantic attraction to all genders (similar to pansexual, except romantic attraction)

  • Aromantic: similar to asexual, this is somebody who does not feel any romantic attraction towards anyone

  • Demiromantic: this is similar to demisexual. This is a term used for somebody who needs a strong emotional connection to feel romantic attraction towards someone

Knowing different sexuality labels means you will be able to better understand and respect people’s preferences 🌈

We totally understand there’s a lot that we’ve covered in this article so if you have any questions about any of these, or you feel there is something we’ve missed, feel free to send us any questions via Ask luna on the app – we'd love to hear them 🧡

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