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Period tracking: the gift that keeps on giving!

Keeping tabs on mental and physical changes throughout your cycle and period

Keeping track of the physical and emotional changes that occur during your cycle (and the time of your cycle that they tend to happen) can be incredibly enlightening. Let’s dive in and go through the benefits of becoming part of the tracking community!

Be prepared for your period

Have you ever been caught out by an unexpected period when you were out and about? Totally unprepared, with no pads or tampons in sight. Toilet paper stuck in your pants, praying that there is no blood leaking through your trousers. It happens. Most of us have been there, but most of us also don’t want it to happen again.

If you have just started your periods, they might still be quite irregular. Simply making note of when the first day of your period is can give you an idea when the next one is due.

By documenting other emotional and physical changes you might find your own unique pattern which can make it easier to pinpoint the timing of your next period (and when it is time to stock up on those period products!)🩸

Get some reassurance on how you’re feeling

Some things you might find comfort in when tracking your cycle:

  • You can blame some of your symptoms on your hormonal changes

(yes, wanting that second chocolate cookie might be due to your hormones 🍫) - as you’ll know when they’re coming

  • Getting an idea of how long your symptoms might last approximately (always good to know when you can expect to wave goodbye to those cramps!) 👋

  • Once you track your cycle for a while you might even predict what comes next. By being prepared you can brace yourself for that potential emotional rollercoaster before your period. It will also make it easier to plan your activities according to how you feel 😴or 🎾

Be proactive about your wellbeing

Is your cycle irregular? How heavy and long are your periods? Do you have breakouts before your period? Do you experience mood swings or cravings?

By tracking your cycle and recording your symptoms you will have all of this valuable information at your fingertips. You can make changes to boost your wellbeing by eg adjusting your skin routine, eating habits or exercise pattern. More importantly, it might also make it easier to spot if something is wrong.

Unusual or worrying symptoms during your cycle can be an indicator of underlying health issues and you should see your GP if this is the case for you. Having a record of your symptoms can also give you more confidence when speaking to your doctor.

Starting period tracking now might prove valuable later in your life!

Although this is unlikely to be on your mind just yet, cycle tracking might come in handy when you get older and your plans about having children and contraception change. The more data you have available, the better informed your choices are likely to be 🤰👩‍🍼🐣Trust us, older you will be thankful for this one.

So that’s it - cycle tracking can take you on an amazing journey to become more body-aware and boost wellbeing throughout your cycle. Don’t just take our word for it though - do give it a try.

luna wants cycle tracking to be really easy and fun for you, so we have developed our own free teen period tracker. Check it out in our app and let luna know what you think!

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