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Shop spotlight: Murad’s 'blemish control kit'

Today luna’s spotlighting Murad’s 'blemish control kit', which helps to minimise breakouts and scarring ✨

What is it? It’s a 30-day kit of 4 products that’s ideal for oily and combination skin. In this kit you get…

  • A clarifying cleanser: clears pores and treats blemishes 🧴

  • Scar treatment: minimises the look of post-blemish scars ❤️‍🩹

  • Spot treatment: reduces blemish size and redness in 4 hours 😲

  • SPF moisturiser: oil-free and lightweight, with SPF 45 ☀️

What’s the brand? Founded by a doctor in 1989, Murad sticks to a simple idea: “skincare is healthcare”. Basically, everything that goes into creating each product is scientifically-proven – that means it's more trustworthy and designed to get your skin feeling as healthy as possible.

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