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Top tips for managing pressure at school

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Minimising the stress and managing pressure at school 🙌

School is hard! Managing all your homework, deadlines and projects can be tiring and might feel like you’re juggling a million things at once, which is really what you don’t need when you’re already dealing with the pressures of growing up. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or stressed, here are some of Luna’s top tips at handling the pressures of school!

Keep track 🗓️

When you’ve got homework and projects for your classes, it’s a good idea to keep track of what’s due and when. Using a physical planner or diary or digital calendars like Google Calendar or Apple Calendar can help you manage deadlines. It can also be helpful to plan your time to make sure you get your homework done and you finalise that project - splitting up bigger tasks into smaller, easy-to-do chunks can help to make a difficult task achievable!

Start early ⏰

It can also be useful to get started on your homework or project as soon as you’ve got it, even if it’s just having a first look over the material when you get home from school. Having a rough idea of what you’ll need to do can help with planning and making sure you meet your deadline. Prioritising is a key skill here → if something’s due first, it’s usually a good idea to make that your first task to tackle.

Find what works for you 📚

Everyone studies and learns differently. If you find you struggle learning from textbooks, you could try to find some videos or visual resources to learn from instead. Equally, if you find you learn best from writing things down, taking notes might be your thing. You might be a flashcard fan or you might prefer answering questions. As long as you are understanding the material, there is no wrong way to learn it!

Take time off ⛹️

As much as it’s important to work hard at school, it’s essential to take some time off, too. Making sure you spend time doing things you love can help you to manage school stress - like playing sports, spending time with family and friends and getting involved in school clubs - as well as just relaxing. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, eating well and taking care of your physical and mental health to ensure you’re at your best.

Get help if you need it ❤️

If you’re struggling in any way, it’s important to reach out for help, whether that’s a teacher, friend, relative or health professional. Whatever you’re finding difficult, someone will be able to help you and it’s really important to speak to someone if you need support.

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