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luna's features: Tracker

There's so much to be discovered on luna, but getting to know something new can be a little confusing 😖 That's why we've created some guides to help you Learn more about luna's features, and how to use them.

But first, what is a cycle? This refers to the menstrual cycle which is the number of days between the first day of your period to the day before your next period 🩸The average number of days in a cycle is 28, however it varies between individuals and is normal to be between 21-35 days – there’s lots more in Learn about this, too!

So, what is cycle tracking? This is essentially logging how you feel and your symptoms each day to help you find patterns, predict your next period, and know when to seek help if you notice anything outside of your ‘normal’ 💛 You don’t need to have started your period to do this, keeping a log of how you’re feeling is an important part of growing up and taking care of your health and well-being. And once you have started your period, you can add bleeding, spotting and discharge to your tracker, too!

Why should I track my cycle? Here’s 3 great reasons ✨

  • It helps you recognise your physical and emotional ‘normal’ throughout your cycle

  • It can help predict when your next period will be, so you can plan ahead

  • Having your symptoms logged can be useful if you need to visit the GP

Where can I track my cycle? If you don’t want to look over cycle details, you can just log your symptoms quickly by tapping the icons on the homepage under ‘How are you feeling?’

To track and view your cycle in more detail, simply tap the calendar icon 🗓️ on the app homepage, or in your Profile.

There you can view all your logged symptoms, your average cycle length and bleed length, as well as how much your cycle and bleeding varies 💡 If you can’t see this information, make sure to log at least 2 periods to start.

You can even tap ahead in the calendar to view your predicted period which helps you get prepared 🙌 Though please remember this is just a prediction and sometimes cycles change (which is very normal) 🙏 If your period does come earlier or later, just log the first day of bleeding and this will update your next prediction. Hope you love it as much as the luna team does 🫶

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