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luna's features: Shop

There's so much to be discovered on luna, but getting to know something new can be a little confusing 😖 That's why we've created some guides to help you Learn more about luna's features, and how to use them.

Keep scrolling to get to grips with luna’s Shop 🛍️

What is the Shop? The Shop is an area of the app where you can discover discount codes and product links, curated just for you from brands we’ve partnered with 💞 It’s there to help you discover the right things that work for you – as we know so many of you wanted to do this 🤍

What can I find in the shop?

  • Discount codes: here you save on brands that luna’s partnered with – you can either scroll through a featured carousel, or tap ‘View all’ to find the full list we have available 💸

  • Shop links: here you can find more brands which you can shop through affiliate links – everything you buy through these links helps luna grow 🌱

  • Brand requests: this is a feedback box which you can use to let luna know what brands you’d love to see – this is a new feature, so we hope to keep building on it with your recommendations 💯

  • Featured products: both on the shop homepage, and in individual brand pages, luna has featured products to help you explore what the brand has to offer. We can also build this out based on the requests you make 💬

What if I have a favourite brand? If you have a brand you love to buy from time and time again, you can bookmark it using the icon on the top right corner of the screen. This is also where you can share brands with friends – in case there’s something you want to recommend to them 🤗

Hope you love it as much as the luna team does 🫶

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