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luna’s features: Profile settings

There's so much to be discovered on luna, but getting to know something new can be a little confusing 😖 That's why we've created some guides to help you Learn more about luna's features, and how to use them.

Keep scrolling to get to grips with your Profile ⚙️

Where can I find my profile? Tap the person icon 👤 on the bottom right of your app screen labelled ‘Profile’

What’s in my profile? Your profile houses all of your past logged symptoms and emotions, your luna points summary, as well as your answered questions and saved content – whether that’s someone else’s question, articles or videos ✨

You can also change your settings in Profile by tapping the cog ⚙️ above your picture in the right-hand corner – these settings could be the theme (e.g. dark/light mode), your name, pronouns, picture, notifications + more.

What’s dark/light mode? luna gives you the option for your app to appear in dark mode, light mode or manual. And it’s totally up to you what aesthetic you choose 🫶

To change the mode, find ‘Themes’ in your Profile settings, select your favourite and there you go – a fresh look for your app✨

How do I change my notifications? To change the amount of notifications you receive, find ‘Push notifications’ in your Profile settings and toggle the settings to suit you 🤗

How can I change my details? All of your details are totally anonymous on luna and they're very easy to change! In your Profile settings, tap ‘Edit Profile’ and customise to your heart’s content 💞 For example, you can switch between a circular or cover photo and even lock all your questions to keep them super secure!

Hope you love it as much as the luna team does 🫶

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