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luna's features: Polls

There's so much to be discovered on luna, but getting to know something new can be a little confusing 😖 That's why we've created some guides to help you Learn more about luna's features, and how to use them.

Keep scrolling to get to grips with Polls 📊

What? Polls let you vote on loads of different things – whether that’s ways to improve the app or to give advice to the community.

Why? Because your opinion matters 💯 Here at luna, community comes first. So it’s important that all of you get to have a say in what we do, and how we do it.

How? Tap ‘Vote’ on the yellow ‘polls’ box on the homepage to vote on the newest poll.

Or, if you tap 'View all', you’ll then be given a list of polls to vote in – anything you haven't voted in before. Once you’ve voted, you’ll also be able to see what the overall rankings are for each poll by tapping 'results'

Hope you love it as much as the luna team does 🫶

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