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luna's features: Feedback

There's so much to be discovered on luna, but getting to know something new can be a little confusing 😖 That's why we've created some guides to help you Learn more about luna's features, and how to use them.

Keep scrolling to get to grips with leaving feedback 📝

Where do I leave feedback? To leave feedback, head to the homepage and find the pink box saying ‘Share your thoughts’. Then tap on ‘Feedback now’ 🧠

When you click ‘Feedback now’ it will ask you whether you want to ‘🐛report a bug’, ‘💎talk about a feature’ or ‘📖request new content’. There’s also a ‘💡general’ option for you to respond with anything else. Once you’ve selected which area you’re talking about, you can leave luna a comment 💞

What can I give feedback on? Anything you’d like – luna loves getting your feedback!

Why is feedback needed? Feedback helps us improve luna. For example, if you’d like to request a specific video or article in Learn, you can press ‘Request new content’ and ask 🫶 We can’t always promise everything straight away, but we read all of your comments and do our best to deliver everything eventually ✨

Hope you love it as much as the luna team does 🫶

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