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How to manage overthinking

Overthinking is when we spend too much time going over the same thought again and again ♻️ It could be about anything from a conversation we had, to some school work we wish we did differently. It can create feelings of stress or anxiety, and it can be difficult to know exactly how to break out of the cycle 😖 but luna’s here to help.

Keep reading for some of luna's top tips on managing overthinking:

  • Look after yourself: we tend to overthink when we are not ourselves, and this can be worse when we haven't slept/eaten/drunk well. These things really matter so always prioritise caring for yourself - you could even try meditating to help centre yourself 💗

  • Try to think realistically: overthinking can make you feel really muddled. Something good to try is to think about what's really happening and try not to let your mind think about the worst case scenario all the time. This is much easier said than done and will take a bit of practice, but using logic and reason to remind yourself that you’re overthinking can really help ⚖️

  • Write in a journal or diary: getting your thoughts out by writing in a diary or journalling can help to clear your mind. Some people find that seeing their anxious thoughts on paper can help them to see everything more realistically ✍️

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