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Gender identity: breaking it down

Gender identity can be a confusing topic. People have lots of different ideas and preconceptions about gender identity - some of which are based on myths and misunderstanding. So, luna is here to clear up what gender identity is and isn’t...

❌ Gender identity is not:

  • Binary. Or in other words, there are more gender identities than just ‘male and female’. Some people identify as ‘non-binary’ – which basically means they prefer not to be labelled as either male or female

  • The same as your sex. Sex is biological, gender is social (and indeed, often affects how we live our lives). It’s not about how you look or dress

  • Just about your pronouns! Whilst pronouns might be a good indicator of someone’s gender identity, if someone uses ‘they/them’ pronouns, it doesn’t necessarily tell you their gender identity

✅ Gender identity is:

  • Personal! Just as you can define your clothes, hairstyle and how you spend your time, no one else can tell you how you should define your gender. It’s not about telling people they shouldn’t identify as ‘male or female’ - it’s absolutely okay to identify this way!

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