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Why it’s important not to compare your body to others

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Find luna’s top tips to avoid comparing your body to others; you are beautiful just the way you are✨

During puberty, our bodies change a lot and everyone is changing in a different way at a different pace. Comparing your body to others is really common and it’s a normal part of human nature to compare, but with things like our bodies, it can actually be pretty harmful.

Unrealistic standards of the “ideal” body are found everywhere, especially in today’s world of social media, but in reality the ideal or perfect body doesn’t exist. Every single body is different and even if we all ate and exercised exactly the same, we would all still look different.

Comparing your body to others, whether that’s celebrities on social media, friends or even strangers, can bring your own self-confidence down and may make you feel uncomfortable or unhappy with your body. We all have things about ourselves we’d like to change but it’s important to remember that our bodies are amazing just the way they are.

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Top Tips

Below are some of luna’s top tips to avoid comparing your body to others:

Unfollow social media accounts that make you feel bad about your body 📱

If you find yourself scrolling through Instagram and comparing your body to the ones in the posts you see, try to filter your feed —> unfollow accounts that make you feel bad about your body. Instead, you could try to follow inspiring and positive accounts that help you to feel confident.

Look after yourself physically AND mentally ❤️

Our bodies are amazing things that look after us. Treat yourself with kindness and care in both your physical health (by eating nourishing foods, finding exercise that you enjoy and keeping healthy) and your mental health (by writing a diary, going outside and doing things that bring you joy).

Wear outfits that make you feel confident 👚

Wearing clothes that make you feel good is key for confidence. When you feel good, you look good. Try not to worry about what other people might think —> the most important thing is that you feel happy.

Try to focus on things you love about your body 💁🏼‍♀️

It can be really easy to focus on the things you don’t like about your body. One way to try to reverse that is to think about what you love instead. Is it your hair? Maybe you really like your eyes? Or it could be your figure that you love!

Appreciate yourself and not just your body ⭐️

While your body is amazing, there are lots of other great things that make you YOU —> appreciating other things like your mind, your personality and your abilities can improve your self-confidence massively! You are much more than how you look❤️

Remember that every single body is different and someone else’s beauty doesn’t detract from your own!

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