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Are mood swings normal?

As we grow up, and especially when we’re going through puberty, our hormones (little messengers inside our body that control how we feel) can cause mood swings. Mood swings are sudden changes to our emotional state, causing us to quickly become angry, sad or irritable.

Mood swings are normal, particularly around a period, and can continue after teen years as well. But although they are normal, they can be difficult to handle ❤️ That’s why luna’s here to help.

If you're struggling with mood swings, try to:

  • Talk to your friends: letting your friends know that you're struggling with your mood can be a really good way of clearing the air. If they know, they can help you out 🫶

  • Talk to an adult: speaking to a parent or guardian about how you're feeling can help if you're comfortable doing so. They will have experienced this themselves and will probably have some wisdom to share ✨

  • Keep a mood tracker: keeping a daily mood tracker will give you insight to your regular moods. If you find that something in particular causes a big, negative change in your mood regularly, you can try and minimise that trigger 😊

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