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Being a teenager can be complicated. It doesn’t have to be.

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Meet luna

luna is a space for you to learn, read and ask about all things teen health and wellbeing. It’s an app that helps you understand topics that aren’t always taught or talked about enough.


With luna, you'll always have somewhere to turn for reliable content, hacks and advice - no questions left unanswered.

Built by medical professionals and other teens across the UK, luna is here for you.

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Learn about yourself

Different topics with videos, articles and experiences all created by experts, for you to explore.


Female health



Mental health & wellbeing


Sex & sexual health 

Growing up

Gender, sexuality & identity

Hair & beauty

Body positivity

Nutrition & exercise

Periods & hormones

Ask things anonymously

Ask a question and have it answered by one of luna’s expert community.


Tailored to you

Track your periods, moods and feelings all whilst keeping on top of what’s trending.

Teen celebrating health
Teen period tracker

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