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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some of our most asked questions.

Got something in particular you want to know? Drop us an email:

  • How does luna ensure articles are age appropriate as 17 year olds will have different interests to 11 year olds?
    The luna team work hard to make sure that all of our content is appropriate for all of our core age group. Articles are labelled to indicate whether they are ‘basics’ or ‘deep dive’ features. However, we are confident that all of our material is age appropriate and we treat more difficult topics sensitively.
  • What is your approach to messaging within your content?
    We take an educational yet fun approach to our content. We do not encourage or promote any particular opinion on topics, we only educate and inform, providing fact based information. This is entirely drawn from our collaboration with GPs and medical professionals. Opinions are left down to the individual to make with the help of our fact based resources.
  • So is luna for girls?
    luna is for everyone who wants to use it. Some of the content refers to issues that only people going through AFAB (assigned female at birth) puberty will experience - eg periods, female hormonal cycles etc. Other content will be more relevant to everyone experiencing puberty, or in a similar age bracket.
  • Is the luna community safe?
    Yes the app is completely closed and there is nowhere on the app for users to communicate with each other; protecting our users is at at the forefront of our design.
  • Do you share information with parents, teachers or guardians?
    No we do not, information stays within luna and we cannot identify the individual user ❣️
  • Who creates the content?
    Our content is created and approved by our expert community, you can meet the team here.
  • How will luna use my data?
    luna will not share your personal data with any third party. Your data will never be visible to anyone else in the app and we won’t pass it on. luna may use aggregated insights - eg information such as ‘50% of our users are over the age of 14’, but we will never share personal data ❤️
  • How do I delete my luna app account?
    Open your luna app and head to you Profile From there, click on the cog icon in the right hand corner where you will see "Delete account" You will need to resign in with your email to confirm you want to delete your account
  • Can luna diagnose a specific health condition I have?
    No, the app cannot. Unfortunately, since luna is not a diagnostic tool, we cannot offer personalised medical advice. Any questions seeking specific medical help that are sent in to the app cannot be answered, instead the user will be pointed to their healthcare provider, GP, 111 or A&E.
  • Who can use the app?
    The app is primarily aimed at young people aged 11 - 17 experiencing things like menstruation and hormonal acne, but there is nothing stopping parents, guardians, teachers or others joining if they too want to learn.
  • Are questions in the app anonymous?
    Questions in the app are entirely anonymous, we really have no idea who submits what!
  • Can I talk to other users?
    No, the app is a closed community to keep you safe and your questions anonymous.
  • Who answers questions in the app?
    Questions are answered by our medical community who you can meet on the 'About us' page. All questions are approved by our Clinical Content Advisors.
  • Do you share personalised user information with parents, teachers or guardians?
    No we do not, information stays within luna and we cannot identify the individual user.
  • Who are the "Luminaries"?
    Our luminaries are our priority users who get early access to new features, events, work experience and merch - contact us if you want to be part of the inner group 😍
  • Can anyone see my information in the app?
    No, the app is completely anonymous.
  • How much does the app cost?
    It's free!
  • What is the objective and purpose of your app?
    To educate, empower and support teenagers so that no teenager has to go through this period alone.
  • How can I be sure of the answer to a question asked of luna?
    The answers to ‘Ask luna’ questions are verified by our medics and/or wellbeing experts, depending on the focus of the question. They are rigorously fact-checked before posting! Of course some questions will not have a simple answer - in these cases, luna will present a balanced assessment that is appropriate for the age group of our users.
  • Who started luna?
    Jas Schembri and Jo Goodall are the Co-Founders of luna. Together with a team of GPs, Women’s Health Experts, and teens from across the UK they have co-created the content and the design of luna.
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