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About us

After several conversations with friends about our bodies and health, we realised that no matter where we were from in the world, understanding our health and wellbeing was not covered enough at school and often not talked about at home or with friends. This meant growing up without the right resources, information, and support when we needed them most, as teens.

Whilst times have changed since we were teens, we believe that today more can be done to educate, empower and support teens going through adolescence. Whether that’s recognising fact from fiction, knowing enough about your body to raise concerns to the right people, or having the right content available to learn and make informed decisions, we think more needs to be done. And that’s why, together with teens and experts, we’re building luna.

We believe in sisterhood and can’t wait to watch the next generation thrive as they move into adulthood.

Jas & Jo

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